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I'm Emily :)

Ask me to tell you the story of how I discovered I could write legibly with my toes. Or the time I was offered my own reality show. Or the one where I tackled a robber barefoot at 3AM. Or the time I was a mom to 14 bunnies at once. Or the night I pitched my startup to Marcus Lemonis from tv series The Profit.

As a storyteller, an entrepreneur, and an experience designer, I leverage the stories and experiences of myself and others to tackle big problems and create meaningful solutions that aim to leave the greatest impact possible. Empathy is my superpower and I use it to understand what is and is not working for people today so that I can design for a better tomorrow.

In my free time I love eating toast, carrying my bunnies around in socks, playing tennis, and discovering my problems aren't real problems while scrolling through Reddit.

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